The Concept
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"The Brief" is our regular Photo location only for those riders currently participating in the Photo Rally who just can't get enough of interesting places to ride . Think of it as an event within an event.

 So, as an extra challenge to run alongside our photo rally,each month between April and September, a new location is published which appears here for approximately 1 month only - a brief period. During that time you simply ride to the stated location and take a photo in accordance with the Brief and upload it BEFORE the deadline. Once the current brief ends, the brief changes and the previous  brief cannot be uploaded. If it is, it will be deleted.

Photographs taken during the brief time period will be published in our Monthly Gallery. Riders who upload all six locations, that fully comply with "the Brief" will be entered into a draw in December 2022 for a €150 prize fund.

Riders who are currently participating in the 2022 Photo Rally may use their Rally Upload Link  to upload a Monthly Brief Photo

There is no requirement to contact us to participate. If you have entered the Photo Rally, you can participate in the brief. Simply upload the required photo and it will be copied into the brief album ( usually takes a number of days)

This year, the May, July & September Briefs will include an optional specified date& time for a group photo, where you are also encouraged to bring some food for al fresco dining.

We give riders a " heads up" as to which county the Brief locations are going to be located. Be Aware that this year, Brief start & finish date does not always correspond to the start & finish of the calendar month

Brief No 1 April:         Longford

Brief No 2 May :         Mayo

Brief No 3 June :         Donegal

Brief No 4 July :          Kilkenny

Brief No 5 August :     Cork

Brief No 6 September: Down


 Brief No 6: September 1st to September 30th 2022

Goward Dolmen, Goward Road, Hilltown,Newry, Co.Down

GPS: 54.212972,-6.094404

The Brief:   

This is it. The last Brief of the year. We shall keep it simple. Take a photo of your motorcycle in front of the Dolmen. Your Helmet must be sitting on the information board ( see photograph)

Be aware, that when leaving this site, the lane joins another small road with no road signage on either as to give way or stop. There is also a very large pothole to look out for !

Also a Group Photo on Sunday 25th September at 1pm with anyone who cares to turn up. Bring your own refreshments.

Link to all Brief Albums Below