Rally News


3rd January 2022

Happy New Year!

All Photo Rally certificates were mailed out on 4th December to the stated paypal registered postal address. If any rider has not received ( ie it got lost in the post). please send  an email to wolfhoundrally at g mail dot com 




7th November:

Well, that's it for another year. In total we had 101 Riders complete the Photo Rally. 77 gained Gold level, 9 obtained Silver and a further 15 reached Bronze level. Well done to all. We are aiming to have the certificates and stickers mailed out by the middle of December. 

Next years event goes live on the 1st March 2022.



17th September:

Remember the rally is finished at the end of September. The 30th is the last day to upload photo rally locations.



7th August

The Photo Rally closed to new entry on 31st July. No further entries are accepted. This entry end date was in effect from the rally opening at the beginning of March. No Exceptions. Please Remember 8 uploads of locations must be made by 30th August. Failure to Upload 8 CORRECT uploads by this date will result in the suspension of your upload link. Again...no exceptions! We WILL NOT be checking Rally Albums prior to this date to see if you have the correct location in your album. You must check your photos against the published list in the 2021 View page.








29th June 

Please remember that the deadline for entry to the photo rally is 31st July.You must have obtained an upload  link by this date. You will NOT be able to obtain an upload after this date, even if you have been collecting locations in the previous months. There will be NO exceptions to this date as it has been in place since the rally went live in March.



31st May

Well, the first monthly brief draws to a close, and we are impressed with how many riders went to the effort to collect the location. A few riders decided to collect more than one, or all 4 ! Obviously making up for missed time on their motorcycles during lockdown.

We have had at least half a dozen incidents of riders not following the brief this month and uploading a photo only showing their motorcycle and the location - not themselves included as requested in the brief.

As their is a cash prize draw at the end of the year for those riders who follow the briefs each month until the final brief, we cannot accept uploads that do not meet the criteria. With that said, it is now on to the June Brief in a couple of hours....





10th May

With inter-county travel now being permitted, the May brief is now LIVE. For this month, and this month only, riders are being given a choice of 4 locations to visit. Simply choose which one you will visit ( perhaps whilst visiting other locations nearby in our rally or the IPR), and take a photo of the location which MUST include you AND your bike in a single photo. Upload using your rally upload link before 31st May at Midnight.






29th April

Due to inter-county travel not starting until 10th May, it has been decided to delay the release of the May Brief until 10th May. In addition, to allow for the reduced time available for this brief, a brief  shall now be located somewhere within each of the four provinces. A rider may visit and upload any of these four brief locations. Normal service shall resume with the June brief. See the Brief page for more info.




10th March 

Location 11 - Ballinakill.

There are two old national Schools in this location in close proximity. The "correct" buiilding is the old national school beside the Chapel, now used by a playgroup. There is another "old" national School, also called ballinakill slightly futher along on the opposite side. We will accept either building.

9th March

Remember to abide by any travel restrictions in force in your local area. Of course, if you are travelling to work and just happen to pass one of our locations.........

9th March -A nice shot of a classic XT outside Garryclougher school 

garryclougher xt bike.jpg