Rally News

29th April

Due to inter-county travel not starting until 10th May, it has been decided to delay the release of the May Brief until 10th May. In addition, to allow for the reduced time available for this brief, a brief  shall now be located somewhere within each of the four provinces. A rider may visit and upload any of these four brief locations. Normal service shall resume with the June brief. See the Brief page for more info.




10th March 

Location 11 - Ballinakill.

There are two old national Schools in this location in close proximity. The "correct" buiilding is the old national school beside the Chapel, now used by a playgroup. There is another "old" national School, also called ballinakill slightly futher along on the opposite side. We will accept either building.

9th March

Remember to abide by any travel restrictions in force in your local area. Of course, if you are travelling to work and just happen to pass one of our locations.........

garryclougher xt bike.jpg

9th March -A nice shot of a classic XT outside Garryclougher school