Wolfhound Rally

Go Ride.

The Wolfhound rally is a casual motorcycle photo rally where riders,between March and September, visit and photograph the published locations.

The aim of the event is to give riders a destination, rather than just going out for an aimless spin or to the same old Sunday location.


Our Photo rally is designed to encourage you to get out on your bike and travel to places you maybe have not visited before. Take a Photo and upload it onto your own allocated personal Photo Album.

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Wolfhound 2022 Entry & Detail

The Event begins on March 1st 2022. From this date, entry is available and locations are available for download and viewing.

IBA Ireland


This Photo Rally is organized by the same folk who run Iron Butt Association Ireland. Find out more about their long distance challenges available locally by visiting our website

About the 2022 Wolfhound Rally

The 2022 Wolfhound Rally is titled" Castle Nut". All the locations this year are Castles. 

The event is run by members of The Iron Butt Association but is open to all Riders. The rally is unique in that it allows riders the option to upload Photos directly from a smartphone to their Rally Photo Album, so your photo is submitted instantly.

You visit the locations as and when you like.  

Questions?  Contact wolfhoundrally at g mail dot com